Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Koala Car Club membership work?

Simple! You select a vehicle, arrange pick-up or delivery, then you have full access to that vehicle for one affordable weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment inclusive of all on-road and servicing costs. This is not a car share service so that car is exclusively yours until you arrange to return or swap it for a different model.

What is included in a Koala Car Club membership?

Pretty much everything! You will have complete peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is registered, comprehensively insured, maintained and serviced for the duration of your subscription with no out of pocket expenses. 

Are wear and tear items like tyre changes included?

Yes. We will fully maintain and service your vehicle for the duration of your Koala Car Club membership, provided there is no evidence that the damage has been caused by driver negligence.

Do I have to pay a cancellation fee if I decide to cancel the service?

We do not charge any fee for cancellation provided you give us 1 week’s written notice to swap, pause or stop your membership (email is acceptable).

Can I request a car if you don’t have it on the website?

Yes you can! If you have your eye on a specific vehicle, we can source it for you in most instances. Some of our customers even like to order personalised plates or accessories and really make the car theirs and we are happy to assist! In the unlikely event that we can’t get the specific car you’re after within a suitable time frame, we can recommend some similar models that will suit your needs.

What is the minimum term for a Koala Car Club membership?

We do not have a set minimum term, you are just required to provide us with 1 week’s notice to pause or stop your subscription.

How long can I keep the car for?

There is no maximum term for our membership service. If you’re loving your car you can keep it for as long as you need! However, if your circumstances do change throughout the period of your Koala Car Club membership you also have the flexibility to swap vehicles at any time.

Will the car I’m driving be new or used?

We have both new and used cars available and all models we are currently running are under 18 months old. Reason being, we want to ensure reliability for our Koala Car Club members so we are only running vehicles that are under manufacturer’s warranty. 

Can I become a Koala Car Club member if I am on a provisional licence?

We do accept drivers on provisional licences provided they can be covered under insurance (over the age of 21).

Does it cost extra to be a Koala Car Club member if I am under 25?

We do not charge any additional loading for age. However, there can be additional excess charges from the insurer in the event of an at-fault accident.

Can other people drive my car?

Yes they can. However, we do ask that you advise us of any family, friends, co-workers etc. who will be driving your car regularly so we can confirm that they have a valid driver’s licence and are covered on your insurance. Unlisted drivers may result in you having to pay a larger excess if they have an at fault accident depending on age, driving history etc. but we do not charge any fee to have additional drivers.

Where do I pick the car(s) up from?

Our HQ is at 9/32 South Pine Road Brendale, QLD 4500. However, if this is a bit of a hike for you we can arrange drop off to your home, office or local area for an additional charge.

Can I swap the car?

Yes! One of the best things about Koala Car Club memberships is that you have the flexibility to change cars at any time. Whether your circumstances change, you want to adjust the rate you’re paying or whether you just feel like driving a different car – tell us what you have your eye on and we’ll do our best to accomodate. 

Are traffic and parking fines included as part of the membership?

No. Koala Car Club encourages safe and responsible driving. We would prefer you all to not to do anything reckless for the safety of our members, our community and our cars. However, these things can happen and we will notify you immediately if an infringement has been issued. Delays in payment will attract admin fees.

Are tolls included as part of the membership?

Etags, toll fees and infringements are not included as part of your membership. If you forget to install your toll device or the device fails, we unfortunately will have to nominate these onto you which does attract additional charges. Please ensure you have the registration number loaded onto your personal Linkt account before you drive anywhere. 

How often are the cars serviced?

We service all vehicles in accordance with the servicing schedule outlined in the logbook. We also give them a safety check before they are issued to a new member. If your vehicle is due for a service, we can arrange a loan car for you in the interim to avoid any inconvenience.

Can I get a resident’s parking permit with the car?

We would be happy to provide a letter to send to your local council requesting a resident’s permit.

Do you cover cleaning the car as part of my membership?

We will ensure your car is beautifully detailed and looking the part when it goes to its new home! We appreciate the same courtesy for you to return the vehicle reasonably clean and undamaged, however, you do not need to get a full detail. We cover pretty much everything but it is the member’s responsibility to fuel the car, pay tolls and look after the car while it is in their possession. 

How do I return my Koala Car Club car?

Much like the rest of the process, we like to make it easy for you! Just get in touch with us via phone or email to arrange the time you would like to return your vehicle. You can drop it off at our HQ – 9/32 South Pine Road Brendale QLD, 4500. Alternatively, we can arrange a pick-up from your home or office or location closer to you at an additional charge. 

Why would I subscribe rather than buying a car?

Koala Car Club offers members the freedom to drive a car without any long-term debt, depreciation costs or out of pocket running expenses. We may do a simple capacity analysis to determine an affordable package for you based on your current income and expenses, but aside from that there is no lending criteria, unlike a financier or bank.

How often do I have to make my payments to Koala Car Club?

We generally try to structure repayments based on your pay cycle so it is easy for you to work it into your budget. Just let us know whether you get paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly and what day the funds are cleared and we can set up a periodic payment from a bank account or credit card of your choice to align with the payment date and frequency that best suits your budget.

Can I choose a date for my payments?

Yes! At Koala Car Club we are all about structuring a membership that is convenient and stress-free for you! Work out when your income goes in and when other commitments come out and we can structure your due date based on when it would be most comfortable for you to make payments.

What happens if I have an accident or damage the car?

Firstly, notify us of the incident via phone or email. As part of your membership, you have full comprehensive insurance so we will give you instructions on the information required to lodge a claim. If the damage is significant, we will go through the insurance claims process and there will be an excess payable if you are at fault. If the cost of the repair will be less than the excess we will carry out the repairs as cheaply as possible and only pass on our cost.

Can I subscribe to a car if I have an international driver’s licence?

Yes you can! Provided your international licence is valid we are still happy to assist. We may also just need a proof of address for where you will be garaging the vehicle.

Can I use the car for ride-sharing?

You most certainly can! Koala Car Club likes to support our members and community and for many of our clients, ride-sharing is their primary source of income. Getting finance can be complicated when you ride-share as many banks and financiers do not accept this as a stable income source – but not to worry, we’ve got you covered! We are currently servicing many ride-share drivers so we’re across the paperwork too! We will email your Booked Hire Licence, COI, insurance certificate and rego papers straight through before you collect the vehicle so you can get the car approved and get to work asap. 

Can I become a Koala Car Club Member if I am on Centrelink?

Yes you can! We will need you to bring in a Detailed Income and Asset Statement (this is available to download on the Centrelink site through ‘request a document’). With that, we will do a quick analysis of your income and expenses to confirm which membership level is affordable.

How much does a subscription cost?

Prices will vary depending on the type of vehicle you want and the km allowance you require. You can check out our prices through our ‘rent a car’ tab or just give us a call or email through the contacts link.

Is insurance Included?

Yes – full comprehensive insurance is included in your weekly rate.

Can I get a subscription if I have bad credit?

Yes you can. Credit checks are not required to subscribe to a vehicle at Koala Car Club.

Can I pay with my credit card for rewards?

You can pay with a credit card. However, you will incur additional charges.
Visa/Mastercard: 1.0%
AMEX: 2.75%

Is there a kilometre limit?

Yes. We do not offer an unlimited km package; however, we are happy to tailor a rate to suit your needs based on how many km you drive. If there is not a suitable km allowance for you advertised on our site, please get in touch through our contact page so we can quote a rate.

Is there a minimum or maximum age of drivers?

We have a minimum age of 21 years old and a maximum age of 85 years old in accordance with our insurance policy.

What do I need to apply?

You will need a valid driver’s licence, a credit card or visa/mastercard debit card for our records, a $500 bond and your first weekly payment upfront.