ditch the lending criteria

Financing a vehicle has turned into QUITE the headache!

For the best part of a decade I have worked as a Business Manager providing customers with car finance and it has become increasingly regulated over that time. This is a good thing because it means consumers are protected. However, it also means it is a lot more difficult to obtain a car loan than it used to be.

The reality is that many of my customers were on visas or casually employed. Many may have had a bill their ex decided not to pay that went into default on their credit file. Many may have just had a tough time a few years back resulting in missed payments on bills or loans and just need a second chance!

My absolute least favourite part of that job was telling people and their families that I couldn’t get them a loan. I was always one to push the financiers on lending to these customers because I knew their full stories and would put forward the best justification as to why they should be given a chance. Nonetheless, if the financier can’t tick the appropriate box there are no negotiations.

I had a financier ask me one day… “Would you lend them your money?!” And I thought “Do you know what? We would and we will”… roll on Koala Car Club!

Sometimes your circumstances may not be ideal for getting finance and this can result in going through non-reputable lenders with very high interest rates just because you need a car! For this, Koala Car Club is the solution.

Even if you just need this on a temporary basis until your circumstances change – we are here for you! Having to accept an offer due to necessity can turn into a brutal cycle of debt and high interest repayments. With Koala Car Club, you do not have to be pressured into accepting an unfavourable deal. You have the flexibility to choose the right time to buy while still having a car to drive!

Enquire with us today to see if our membership services suit your needs!

– Rachel Bennett