own the memories… not the car

A car is a big commitment! It is the second largest purchase you’ll ever make aside from a house (if you can lay off the avocado toast!). Before you make that commitment, consider your motivation because hey, you have options – what a time to be alive!

I am not a big car person, I never have been. Yet, I have always loved my cars for the memories that I’ve made in them! I have been in the car industry for my entire life and my favourite car to date is a faded red Barina that was an absolute bomb. I remember road trips with my friends blasting tunes and all the freedom it gave me. Years later, I still feel the exact same love for a car. But why? Pretty much because it can take me where I want to go (and the tunes are still blasting if I’m honest, I’m never going to grow out of that!).

Do you love your car or do you love the moments? At Koala Car Club, we’re here for the moments! A lot of membership services don’t allow you to ‘do you’ in your car… Whether you want to ride-share, go on a road trip or if you just want to go home – tell us all about it! We will tailor a membership that suits your needs and budget.

You can have all the freedom without all the stress! Whether you are looking to buy a house or expand your business or whatever is that you’re dreaming of – don’t limit your borrowing capacity with a car loan because we’ve got your back! 

We take the guess-work out of buying and selling… we’ve been doing it for 33 years so leave it to the experts, folks! We also look after the on-road and servicing costs associated with owning a vehicle so you don’t have to!

We are all about finding the right option to suit your moment and fortunately we’re a one stop shop to make it happen! Regardless of where you’re going, you can be safe and look way cooler than I did! Also, blasting tunes is definitely not prohibited as long as you tag us @koalacarclub.

Enquire today for an obligation-free cost-benefit analysis!

– Rachel Bennett

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